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Andy Jefferey, a Grenadian native, also known as DJ Andy is the founder of Spice Groove Radio. Growing up DJ Andy experienced all genres of music which created his path for the love of music he has today. As a DJ, he loves to unite listereners of any background with music as it is universal and makes everyone feel good. It's a win win to see people enjoying themselves as the vibes play which feels amazing creating a positive atmosphere whether by airwaves or in a fete. .

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Mike D’ Magician made his radio debut in New York City in 1971, bringing nothing but the best in Caribbean music across the air waves. He left New York City in the mid 80’s to relocate to Dallas, TX where he opened his night club “Tropical Cove”.  


With the birth of Tropical Cove, Mike helped enrich the spirit of the islands in Dallas Fort Worth area with cultural nightlife, Caribbean food and concerts bringing the island flavor to the city. Mike later returned to his beloved radio and collaborated with KNON (FM) as "The Voice of the People". Now continuing his love of radio Mike D' Magician has live shows on Spice Groove Radio and is continuing to take online radio by storm.

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Baseline Syndicate is a Sound System based in Trinidad and Tobago .  Powered by two talented elements: Dj Baldhead and Dj Saint B. Together they provide all genres of music and unique mixing styles that guarantees to keep any party pumping. 

Trevor aka Dj Saint B will take you to your musical heaven! A true student of the artform, Saint B's calm and calculated disposition is the underpinning of three decades of connecting the listener to the music. Deeply rooted in Caribbean vibes, yet able to transcend diverse genres, each session brings the music to you, and you to the music.

With a passion for music and a deep love for entertainment Adrian aka Dj Baldhead has a unique style that is recognized combining all genres of music into special mixes that is guaranteed to set any event on Fire.


With Baseline Syndicates experience at an International and Regional level,  Major Clubs , Public and Private Events they are well familiar with the tactics to keep the party pumping and ensure all listeners are calling for more. 


Recently added to the SpiceGroove Radio based in the US, these Trinidad natives are already making waves. 

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DJ MAC ENTERTAINMENT is a music connoisseur who not loves to listen but loves playing it too. His love for music has lead him to promote events such as; boat rides and parties. Due to his appreciation of music DJ Mac Entertainment can give you vibes in any genre but his passion is Caribbean music. Through his energy he takes you on an amazing musical journey. Let's dance! 


Glen Campbell aka DJ Glen born on. March 1st 1966, DJ Glen remembered clearly he was around 6 or 7 sitting in the gallery with his great grandmother, in Labrea, listening to Dave Elcock and Kc Kc Top 10 on a Sunday evening and Glen would put his mouth to the vent blocks and say, "DJ Glen" and made it sound like a echo. He always loved music from a very you age and would add more speakers to his mother's stereo so it will play harder. Glen got his first touch on a dj system from a good friend, Steve Barzey who was a big Dj in Labrea and is currently djing in Houston TX. Glen then relocated to the USA where he reside in Brooklyn, starting with 2 dubble cassette recorders and eventually a 2 belt drive turn tables from a pawn shop. DJ Glen started playing for birthday parties, weddings,  etc and became a household name. Glen then bought him a 2  techniques  turntables,  and relocated to Texas. Rebuilding his clientele DJ Glen started playing for weddings and with word-of-mouth he started getting gigs in the Caribbean clubs, teamed up with Dj Strike force and had the 1st All White Party in Houston Caribfest. In 2007 DJ Glen moved back to TNT with no intention to play again but because of hhis love for music he couldn't help myself, started doing house parties, work, church functions, and boat rides.


DJ Randy hails from Trinidad and Tobago, the land of steel band and calypso. He was exposed to the DJ world as a baby, pulling, and touching his uncles and DJ equipment and speakers. When he became a teenager, he began following his uncles whenever they had gigs in the village and would break down their systems to hook it back up and try to play himself.  With Randy's inspiration being his uncles, as a teenager they introduced him to playing records and as time passed he went from playing music from records CD's. 


DJ Randy started working in his 20's where he started his research. He began collecting his own music, and purchased a cd player within the 1st year of building his system and started doing lil' freeco. As Randy continued working on his own musical journey, building CD folders, those too faded and computers hit the market. As for many it was a challenge but with guidance from the more experienced DJs. DJ Randy thought he was on the right path until he met Mr Campbell who inspired him and pointed him in the right direction. Now, with 42 years experience and through all the eras and changes, DJ Randy's love for music remains the same.

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